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How to Make Your Essay Engaging

One challenge that affects many students when it comes to essay writing is being at per with their readers. To be at per means that you have to completely engage them with the content in your essay. When this becomes too much on them, it results in frustration that as a result, causes a loss of morale in writing. In this article, we shall discuss a few tips that can help you engage your audience.

  • Keep checking the instructions

As you write, keep checking the instructions to ensure that you are doing the right thing. Answer the question as you are supposed to. One thing your audience is looking for is an answer to the question that you are working on. Missing the instruction may cause you to answer wrongly, making you lose your readers rather than engage them.

  • Use correct grammar

This will make you lose your readers completely. If you must use new vocabulary, understand its meaning before you include the same in your essay. Place all words naturally in your assignment that it flows even when read out loud by any reader. Incorrect grammar ends up making the essay lose content and meaning. The message you are meant to pass across, and the question you are meant to answer is totally different from the main question.

  • Punctuate correctly

Avoid very long sentences as you write. Long sentences create a kind of disinterest in your readers. Use commas, colons, and semi-colons correctly where necessary. This way, your audience will not have to feel exhausted as they read. The little pauses in your essay structure should come out naturally, depending on the way you write.

  • Support your ideas with examples

Your ideas sound better and stronger when supported with examples. When you formulate your idea, mention real examples that your reader can relate with. When you write vaguely and plainly, your essay becomes quite boring. Write in such a way that your audience will look for ore of your work after they are done reading this particular one.

  • Mention other writers

When you are given a question to work on, you will definitely research it. Some of the research you do will involve reading another person’s work and see what ideas they had on the same question. Mention them if you use their work. This will show your audience that you are a great researcher who wants to bring some new information than what is just known to the table.

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5 Tips on How to Write a Good Essay Assignment

Throughout the time you will spend in school as a student there are many activities you will have to encounter. Such tasks include doing exams, attending long and boring class sessions, performing and submitting various projects, attend extracurricular exercises among many other academic pursuits that require your personal attention. All these activities are important to your studies, future career as well as your wellbeing.

Assignment tasks are among the academic requirements that present many students with a huge challenge especially when it comes to writing an essay assignment. However, through proper planning, practice and dedication you can achieve the perfect and outstanding skills of producing quality essays. For you to achieve such skills, you can use this article containing tips and ways of how to write a good essay assignment.

  • Conduct thorough research

When writing an essay, you have to gather information and facts to include. This information and facts are found in various sources such as magazines, journals, websites, books among others. Therefore, you will have to intensely research on these resources to find the relevant and proper information to support your argument. Moreover, if you presented with an assignment about a topic that you are not fully conversant with, you will need to research so as to gain insight and understanding.

  • Create a clear structure

Another important guidance in writing a perfect essay is to create a draft. A proper outline will help you organize your ideas and points coherently and logically. It will also help you consolidate your thoughts as you brainstorm over the topic. Moreover, it will also aid you in structuring your essay following a standard outline consisting of an introduction part, main body, and a conclusion.

  • Start with an interesting introduction

When writing your essay, you will be focusing on delivering the message to the readers. Even if it is a scholarly essay addressing your lectures, you should make it interesting and catchy as possible. An outstanding introduction will not only create curiosity for the readers but will make them have the urge to read the entire text.

  • Write the body of your essay

The main part of your essay will provide the readers with the main points, evidence and relevant information to support the main idea. If your body part consists of several ideas, write each idea on its own paragraph. Most importantly use transitional phrases to link one idea with the others.  This will help the reader to gain the connection between the ideas and the main argument

  • Finish with a clear conclusion

Conclude your essay by summarizing your ideas as well as restating the main argument. You can also provide your readers with an overview, opinion or thought concerning the topic.

If you are having difficulties in structuring the assignment or you do not clearly understand the assignment question you can ask for help or guidance from your lecturer. In other cases, if you are having trouble in finishing your assignment in time or the deadline to submit the assignment is near, and you haven’t started, you can engage a professional academic paper writer. Contact such writer and place an order by providing all the assignment instructions as well as any sources.

Effects of substance abuse

Substance abuse involves taking of drugs other than for the medical purposes. It involves taking of substances that are likely to cause harm to your health which is either physiological injury or psychological damage. There are other terms used that relate to substance abuse such as drug misuse. However, drug misuse involves taking of drugs in contrary to the prescription of the doctor. Instances of drug misuse include; an overdose or sharing prescribed drugs.

Various substances are abused widely. Such substances are classified into three categories based on the intended effect they have on the consumer. They include; amphetamines, all-rounders, and downers. Amphetamines tend to stimulate the nervous system. They are commonly known as the uppers. Examples of amphetamines that are abused in the USA as well as entire Europe include; cocaine, nicotine, caffeine, and MDMA which is also known as ecstasy or molly. They speed up the performance of the body physically and psychologically. They enhance the body function to suit the needs of the person taking.

The other category of substances that are abused are the owners. They act as the depressants of the nervous system. They differ from the uppers as they inhibit the processes of the body. Users tend to experience muscle relaxation, impulses, sedation as well as drowsiness. The owners are further classified into three classes including opiates, sedative-hypnotics, and alcohol. The opiates induce the state of excitement or happiness. Examples of opioids are heroin, morphine, and opium. Sedative-hypnotics slows body functions such as breathing hence leading to relaxation. Among the Sedative –hypnotics, Valium is commonly abused. Alcohol is widely used as a means of relaxing especially after a long week after school.

The last category is the all-rounders. They tend to manipulate the perception of the user through hallucinations. They interfere with the interpretation of the brain. The most commonly used are the; marijuana, LSD, and PCP.

The main reason as to why users tend to engage in substance abuse through peer pressure. This is common among students as they tend to follow the behaviors of their peers. Another reason is due to unstable environments around a home, therefore, taking shelter in taking drugs.

These substances are very harmful to the body. Such effects include; damage to body parts such as the kidneys, liver and the heart, memory loss or even death. Therefore it is very crucial for one to avoid substance abuse to avoid such effects. If one is already a user, you can seek help from a professional to cope with the addiction.

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Interesting Ngorongoro

Hey everyone, my name is Robert. I work as a freelancer and provide students with the book report and other types of writing assignments. On my free time, I travel a lot and read a lot. In this blog, I am going to share my latest travel experience and some of my thoughts. 

This article is about one of my latest travel destinations - Ngorongoro. Hope you will find it interesting.

Emerged 2.5 million years ago by volcanic activity of the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania is situated in the heart of the reserve and included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It inhabits the progenitors of the human race thousands of years ago, and now this area - the habitat for many species of animals. Most of the caldera is striking in its beauty and uniqueness of both geological and environmental point of view. Ngorongoro is one of the most visited.

Ngorongoro Crater is located in the Crater Highlands in the north-east of Tanzania. The steep walls of the crater is 610 meters rise above its bottom area of 260 square kilometers. As already mentioned, the area is of volcanic origin and was formed about 2.5 million years ago as a result of geological changes of tectonic plates, also formed the Great Rift Valley. Presumably, under the volcano Ngorongoro was an underground chamber filled with magma, which is a result of activity in the earth's crust dried up, resulting in an enormous cavity under the volcano. About 2.5 million years ago under the influence of its own weight eruptions and volcanic cone collapsed lower chamber and a huge crater was formed in its place. Who knows, maybe this place once was the size of a mountain Kilimanjaro.

Today at the bottom of the crater mostly - Meadows, two small forested area, and the salt lake appearing at certain times of the year. Water is supplied to the region through the rivers and Munga Lonioki, and formed by the influx of water marshes live hippos. Among the many species of animals live here lions, whose population here - the biggest in Africa, leopards, elephants, thousands of hoofed animals: zebras, wildebeests, gazelles and Cannes, and shallow water attracts bright pink flamingos. In total, the crater is home to about 25,000 animals, but life in the crater as soon as they identified victims. For example, species such as lions, there are problems caused by the lack of genetic diversity, and closely related to mating.

The current Wildlife Ngorongoro Crater and its surroundings, as evidenced by fossils, three million years ago could be the cradle of humanity - place of hominid habitation, the most advanced family of primates extinct ancestors of humans. Presenting a unique heritage for mankind, the environment and a striking embodiment of extreme beauty, the crater of Ngorongoro is part of the protected area. Every year thousands of tourists come here on a safari or hiking at this miracle of nature.